Tech – What Happened to it?

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On March 19, the world’s most popular piracy video platform, which is also known as 123movieshub and GoMovies, said that their service was discontinued, implying that it would no longer be available. It has several domains that enable users to view free movies. The news has been a surprise for the fans who have seen an unexpected post on the platform encouraging them not to piracy them, but to honour creators by charging for their materials.

What happened to

“For years we have been linked to films and shows. It is now time to say farewell. Thank you for your support and thank you for spending so long with us, “the email said. “That is what we should do to demonstrate respect for the people behind films/series, please pay for the videos.”

Reportedly, the authorities knew that the Website was operated from Vietnam and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA, a U.S .- based organization that represents six major Hollywood studios), listed 123 movies websites itself as “the world’s most popular illegal site.”

The executive vice president & head of global content protection Van Voorn said in a statement on 15 March 2018 just days before 123 movies announced that it was shut down: “ is right now Vietnam’s most popular illegal site in the globe and has 98 million visitors monthly.”

“More services such as ( – sites not useful for local legitimate companies,” added Voorn, who works with the Office of the Police Investigation Agency (C44) to address this problem.

Why shut down of 123movies took place?

123movie fans still struggle to understand the sudden shutdown of the pirate streaming giant. According to a recent report published in March last year, however, the US Ambassador to Vietnam, Ted Osius, asked the state government for a pirate website of 123 movies and 123 movies were confined to history in that year.

Take care of 123Movies Imposters: had changed their names several times in the past months to avoid personal detection. They used different mixtures of the words go, 123 movies and hub in their name, with several alternatives. Nobody knows how many differences with the initial admins of and gomovies happened, but there is now a flood of copycats.

Many names, including GoMovies, 123, and Movies, can be found, but be very careful. GoMovies 123 and 123 movies may have accessed a different site (or more than one). Some of the copycat sites are operated by the government or corporate agencies in pirated operations. Also, the internet service providers record and register your name, location and online activities if you are not using an encrypted VPN to cover your tracks and preserve your confidentiality.

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